Our Story

I've always had a passion for cooking and entertaining, and pride myself on making tasty meals for friends and my family. When my oldest son Julian started eating solids, I also wanted to do the same for him. I was living in New Zealand while I was on maternity leave, and so my mom and I started off making purees and to my sadness, Julian hated them. I was devastated.  I then tried all types of store bought purees; savory, sweet, extra smooth, organic... and still. He wasn't into it.

I had heard about the baby led weaning approach to feeding, and surprisingly Julian embraced it. It was a weight off my shoulders as I had some anxiety about how little he was consuming. 

When I returned to Vancouver, Canada in 2021 I was faced with the prospect of cooking for Julian, my family, and also returning to work. Cooking used to be a creative outlet but now felt like a huge stress as I had such little 'me' time and I didn't want to spend it in the kitchen, to have it thrown on the floor, or worse, not eaten.

I spoke to many other parents who also told me about their challenges being a new parent... not having enough time, and not having enough options for food that were suitable for their children that were finger food, or baby-led weaning style, so I decided to start First Course Foods to help busy parents with this. We provide tasty and healthy food that is already cooked so you don't need to spend your precious time in the kitchen cooking.

All food has no salt and sugar added with a small ingredients list, and is designed for little hands. It's loved by children and parents and is made to taste good. 


For the full story- visit the Vancouver Tech Journal article by James Matthews.